Friday, June 30, 2017

My Love of Knot Tying

Image result for knotIn recent months, I have been able to implement my love of knot tying into the 4-H Youth Development program. In the next upcoming weeks I am offering a knot tying class that is completely booked; and I have had great success and satisfaction in teaching kindergarten children how to tie their shoes.

My knot tying began when I was a boy, and my dad taught me how to tie knots on our sailboat.  Later, I perfected those skills as a Boy Scout. A few years before he passed away, he gave me his well-used Ashley Book of Knots, by Clifford W. Ashley, which is the world standard for knot tyers everywhere. Recently I found this poem which warmed my soul.

Ode to Rope
As I cast off for that very first time,
The “rope” in my hand has now become “line”.
And hauling the sails to the top of the mast,
That “rope”, now a “halyard” holds strong, taught and fast.
Then sailing in brisk winds full force on a beat.
The sails are trimmed in by that “rope” that’s a “sheet”.
And now at my anchorage with sails safely stowed,
I trust in that “rope” that now serves as a “rode”.
Through all my life I will never lose hope,
Of a reason or time to play with a rope.

By Lt/C Barry Briggs, S, of the Durham, NC Power Squadron, published in the August 1999 edition of the National Power Squadron magazine, The Ensign.