Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Favorite Book For Any Outdoorsman, The Witchery of Archery

The Witchery of Archery, by Maurice Thompson, was originally published in 1878 and is considered America's classic treatise on the subject of archery. It can be compared to Izaak Walton's legendary fishing treatise, The Compleat Angler. (Amazon). This book would have appeal to the more ecologically minded "pre-hunter" stage of outdoorsman and traditional archer.

ISBN-13: 978-0996799119

Reviews: "The entire book is charming, and we cordially recommend it to readers generally, whether they are interested in archery or not, certain that they will find an enjoyable freshness about it that would have been a severe loss to have missed." - Peoria Call

"Mr. Thompson is an enthusiast in his pastime, but he is not less a lover of nature and an accurate observer in natural history, especially of birds; and the reader will be delighted with his experiences as a hunter and a roamer of the woods. The book is full of the flavor of nature, like those of Thoreau and John Burroughs." - Hartford Courant

This book, although fascinating from an archery standpoint my primary love is Thompson's vivid description of traveling through old Florida and his exploration adventures. - Gus Koerner

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Anonymous said...

In early 2016, Joe and I discovered the book 'The Romance of Plant Life Interesting Descriptions of the Strange and Curious In The Plant World (1907): Author: George Francis Scot Elliott (here's a link on Amazon)


Joe loved this book and Elliott's descriptions of the human qualities of sadness, loneliness, joy, creativity, etc. expressed by plant life in its natural settings. Joe's photography shows much of what he naturally is attracted to as he wanders the Appalachain Hills but is unable to express in the written word.

I have a feeling this archery book you review will be as fascinating a read for Joe and I as the romance of plant life was.

I notice the two authors are both ...' lovers of nature and accurate observers in natural history'. In fact, once we started reading our book, I pulled out all my other books by Thoreau and John Burroughs, too

Keep writing - love your blog!!!!!!!!.

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