Thursday, January 19, 2017

24 Hours of Blessings

I'm feeling extremely grateful today so I decided to start my own campaign.

For the next 24 hours, (about) on the hour - around the clock I am going to list a blessing, and Tweet it under the hashtag #24hoursofblessings.

Feel free to join me by continuing it on or or commenting here.  Just for a day.

January 19, 2017 Tweets by @guskoerner

8 AM I am thankful for a job serving the public.

This morning I was greeted by Eastern Gray Squirrels.  Love these little guys, they brighten my day.

9 AM Grateful for work colleagues who are diligent and kind. Good people.

10 AM Grateful for my children who are politically aware and civically engaged.

11 AM Grateful for a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich now and then.

NOON. Grateful for a wife who's supportive, encouraging and loving.

1 PM I'm grateful for school crossing guards.

2 PM I’m grateful for smartphones that help us stay connected with loved ones far away.

3 PM I’m grateful for forgiveness that allows us to start over.

4 PM My time as a prison CO and GED Instructor was a blessing that taught me so much.

5 PM Rational-Respectful discussions of opposing viewpoints are a blessing.

6 PM Books that uplift and inspire are a blessing.

7 PM Supper is a blessing not all enjoy. Thank you Lord, please bless those in need.

8 PM Adoptive parents are a blessing.

9 PM Firewood stacked and food in the cupboard are a blessing.

10 PM Nurses are a blessing to us all.

11 PM I’m grateful for a bed to sleep in.

MIDNIGHT – I’m grateful for a cushy pillow.

1 AM Ceiling Fans

2 AM I’m grateful for indoor plumbing.

3 AM I’m grateful that someone cares enough to control mosquitoes.

4 AM I’m grateful for diabetes education and the JDRF.

5 AM Nightlights are a blessing.  Thank you Thomas Edison.

6 AM My Snoozebar is a blessing.

7 AM Chickens are a blessing I appreciate as I eat my Egg McMuffin.

May your day be blessed too.


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