Friday, May 27, 2016

My Woes of Visiting A Doctor (a rant)

Why do I have such a hard time going to the doctor?

The irrational side of me seriously considers there to be health care conspiracy. The medical industry wants us to spend money any way possible. If we're ailing, they want us to visit doctors and clinics as much as possible, and if we're well they want us to confirm that on an irrational regular basis one co-pay at a time.

In my experience, when I finally get to the doctor the staff treat me like its a privilege to see them, and even if I have an appointment for a simple consultation I have to wait for hours. Below is the poem I wrote while waiting after I counted the flooring boards and ceiling tiles, rearranged the gloves in their cases to be in order by size, estimated the number of tongue depressors and Q-Tips in the jars and see how bright the ear light was in illuminating my little cubicle of a room. Even the broken TV in the room seemed to mock me whispering, "You can't watch me even if you wanted to, so I'll sit up here on the shelf to remind you how boring this experience is."

My Doctors Visit

I sit in a doctors room for hours at a time.
Nil to see or hear, except my teeth grind.
The nurses they greet,
All the patients so sweet.
All the while I'm losing my mind.


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