Thursday, May 19, 2016

I'm A Lucky Man

I was nursing my wounds the other day, feeling sorry for myself until I met Willie.  Willie and I have the same work schedule.  We leave the house at 4:45 in the morning, report at 5:30, work a twelve hour day until 6 PM, get home around 7 and in bed by 9.  Then we do it again the next day.  The difference is Willie does it on a bicycle and I drive a truck.

I first met Willie when I nearly hit him on his bike early one morning.  Then I would continue to see him every morning and every afternoon.  Finally while looking for him I saw him, and stopped to introduced myself and we became friends.

God bless Willie and all the other folks working hard to make ends meet for their families.  My story reminded me of my favorite Montgomery Gentry song, with partial lyrics below, Lucky Man.  I am so blessed.  I hope my readers will realize all the blessings in their lives and reach out to others who may not be as fortunate.

"Lucky Man" is a song written by David Lee and Dave Turnbull, and recorded by American country music duo Montgomery Gentry that reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and stayed there for two weeks. It was released in January 2007 as the second single from their album Some People Change.

"Lucky Man"
See this home video on YouTube by Matt Alves

I have days where I hate my job
This little town and the whole world too
Last Sunday when the Bengals lost
Lord it put me in a bad mood

I have moments when I curse the rain
Then complain when the sun's too hot
I look around at what everyone has
And I forget about all I've got

But I know I'm a lucky man
God's given me a pretty fair hand
Got a house and a piece of land
A few dollars in a coffee can
My old trucks still running good
My ticker's ticking like they say it should
I got supper in the oven, a good woman's loving
And one more day to be my little kid's dad
Lord, knows I'm a lucky man

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