Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Kind Word is Like a Sip of Water

Before I became a Correctional Officer (CO) and was in the process of considering the position, I received some wise advice from a CO Sergeant of 25 years whom I highly respected, and is now retired. She said to me, Mr. Koerner just remember, your job is about care, custody and control. Be firm, fair and consistent and tell the inmates don't mistake my kindness for weakness. As new CO again, I perform my job by those words, and I've not regretted it.  Kindness de-escalates tension which creates a safer environment. Conversely, there are times when a situation is serious and procedures need to be followed to the letter and kindness doesn't seem so kind anymore.

On my to work a few days ago, these words of clarity came to me, "A kind word is like a sip of water to dry lips. Give someone a drink." So I did. When an inmate passed by me I'd say "good morning" or
"How's it going?"I even admonished some with that new quote, and told them to pass it along. They said they would.

Then at the end of the day on my way home I got to listen to the NPR Orlando show Friends Talking Faith by the Three Wise Guys, and heard this:

The Dalai Lama once said, "My religion is kindness." Perhaps in this often angry, fearful and rancorous political climate in our nation, it’s time for people of faith to stand and be counted on the side of kindness. For it’s only through the spirit of kindness that we’ll be able to fashion a society, a culture and a nation fit to live in. – Reverend Bryan G. Fulwider

From Friends Talking Faith, May 3, 2016 – Faith & Politics: Difference between Separation and Distinction. 

Show someone kindness today, and give thanks to God for kindness received.

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