Wednesday, January 20, 2016

But, For The Grace of God Go I

The poem I created this morning while waking up...  "But by the grace of God go we.  May light to others may we be. - gus

About twelve years ago (2004) Sandy and I saw Flogging Molly at the Warped Tour and again at the House of Blues in Orlando, and little did I know how their music would have such an impact on me.

Over the last week I've had this song in my head running over and over, all day - all night.  In a way it drives me nuts, but in another way I find it so comforting.  Please read to the end, after the song for its full significance for me.

Grace of God Go I
By Flogging Molly, Swagger, 2000

Lookin down through a tide of no return
Is a field where the crops no longer grow
Parched is the land, strangled an be damned
There for the grace of God go I

Down beside where the riverbed sleeps
Is a man not knowin what he should feel
Mocked by the wave that beats the waters edge
There for the grace of God
There for the grace of God
There for the grace of God go I

If I ever hurt another like Thee again
I would drown myself beneath Your name
Lost was the child, we all once did hide
There for the grace of God
There for the grace of God
There for the grace of God go I

Songwriters: Bridget Regan, David King, Dennis Casey, Robert Anthony Schmidt, Matthew Hensley, Nathen Jeglinski, George Edward Schwindt
Published by: 26f Gellert Hill Music; Twentysixf Music

The original line and (near) title is attributed to John Bradford (1510-1555), an English Protestant theologian and reformer who was burned at the stake for speaking against the Church of England. In the phrase “But for the grace of God Go I.” he is referring to prisoners being executed for the same evil deeds he had committed himself, but not punished for.

Today I shared the lyrics with one of my prison inmate students who has a severe anger management problem, which has at times landed him in solitary confinement.  In my class alone, he's come close to being escorted out in hand-cuffs for his tendency to go to fight at a minor offense of one of his peers.

After an hour or so of pondering the words to this song he came and shared with me some of his childhood issues and how he needs to work on areas of depression, anxiety and anger management. He's going to write a paper on the song for me (G.E.D. preparation) and how the imagery aligns with his life experience.

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