Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Family Prayer

Every family has challenges great and small, but if they come together in faith, the hardships become more manageable and the bond can be made stronger. Even in major hardships such as death and divorce, we need to seek help from our Father in heaven to minimize the hardship and pain, and have faith and hope for a better day ahead. In my poem you'll see how I mention the perfect example Jesus gave to us, how we are all human and need to forgive ourselves and others. That is what I wish to express. I hope you get something from it. - gus

Precious Savior, dear Redeemer,
Please bless our family now.
Relieve us from our humanness,
The ties that hold us down.

As nature reflects Your goodness, love,
Let us see Your loving face.
Upon our needs and deep desires,
Let us feel and share Your grace.

Giving and forgiving is your example shown.
Selfless love for all to receive,
Shown by Your life, and on the cross,
A gift for all who need relief.

And Father one more thing.  Please bless us and our washing machine. It doesn't agitate, but we do. Thank you. Amen

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