Monday, June 30, 2014

Grumpy Gus, an original poem

What's up with me getting grumpy through the years?

-There was a time when I was the happiest kid I knew; but over the years the Gus I knew started seeing life in shades of blue.

-The pressures of adulthood began to mount; one kid, two kids, three kids, four - not to mention the time I divorced.

-The strain of a job, and growing demands, brought on a period of reprimand (that I'm not quite through), but with a growing faith, I'll be young Gus again by God's sweet grace.

-With my precious partner by my side, to encourage patience and to take things in stride. To appreciate my kids, and the foibles of youth, to be a loving father and witness of truth.

-A dad they'll remember as loving and kind, fond memories they'll carry as they go through time. An example, though human who tended his errs, because what matters most is they know that you care.

-This is the man that I want to be, and how I want them to remember me. Melissa, Amber, Chris, Cameron, Savannah and Ember, I love you all so much and am proud to be your (step) dad.

Dad (Gus)


by Gus Koerner, June 29, 2014, 1:50am
edited by E. Koerner

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