Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How To Clean Books

Once again I had too much stuff in storage that got neglected and damaged.  Books this time, some of them treasured books such as school yearbooks and beloved childhood books.  This happened to me once before when my basement flooded.  Since its an issue I had to deal with more than once, I'm posting an article here.

The basics of book cleaning include:
  • Wiping down with 10-20 percent bleach water for mildew stains.  Have a blow dryer handy to immediately dry the page. I'd like to try Clorox wipes.
  • High concentration (90+ %)  isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle will also sanitize.  Some people use baby-wipes.
  • Sealed with baking soda will remove odors.
  • Sealed and freezing will kill living, existing bugs and larve.
  • What if you placed the book in a zip locking bag with a moth ball, then in a baking soda bag? Leaving the books in each treatment for 1 week would probably work.  I'd use a sealed plastic tote box, so as to treat batches of books at one time.
  • Blowing through the book with compressed air or vacuuming will remove trace, unwanted remainders of dirt and bugs. 
A list of some of the resources I found: 

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