Sunday, February 15, 2015

Keeping Tract of our Family Homes

The absolute primary reason for this blog is so that my children and theirs can know something about me.  Not that I am or was the best person to know, but looking back to my own parents and grandparents, I would love to know every detail of their life.  This is important to me not just from an historical / genealogical perspective, but I would like to know their emotions, thoughts, struggles and accomplishments to compare with my own.

Haven't any of you wanted to go back to see your birth home, or that favorite neighborhood you lived in growing up?  If so, can you remember right where it is?  I cannot, therefore I have gone back and recorded the exact location of each.  This isn't a complete list, and it will grow as time goes on.  How did I do it?  In some cases I used a Garmin GPS handheld trail receiver, in other cases I used my smart phone, and the longer distance places away I used Google Earth.

Places I've Lived
Coordinates listed are Decimal Degrees, Basemap WGS84 when possible.

Date: Coordinates by Longitude and Latitude and the general location, i.e., city, state, zip, country

1959: Bountiful, UT, My birth house. N 40.873518, W 111.881625, 29 West 1600 South, Bountiful, UT
1960: Minnesota
1963: Fort Worth, TX
1977: N 32.720033 W 097.462495, 76116, 8404 Bangor Drive, Fort Worth, TX
1979: N 55.569115 E 009.742989, Fredercia, DK **
1980: N 55.640800 E 012.583717, Amager, DK **
1981: N 41.765329 W 111.804760, Little White House, 1885 N. 1200 E., N. Logan, UT 84341
1983: N 41.879454 W 111.989905, Dairy, Newton, UT
1987: N 41.767727 W 111.802645, 84341, Salisburys, 2020 N. 1250 E., N. Logan, UT 84341
1989: N 41.731343 W 111.843606, 84321, Center Street, Logan, UT
1990: N 41.711697 W 111.853128, 84321, Park Avenue, Logan, UT
1998: N 28.647644 W 080.866294, 4325 Caper Court, Titusville, FL 32796
2002: N 28.575609 W 080.806277, 32780, LaCita, Titusville, FL
2004: N 28.555872 W 080.805495, 4700 Sisson Road,Titusville, FL 32780
2005: N 28.641823 W 080.853132, 1665 Saratoga Drive, Titusville, FL 32796
2014: N 28.647644 W 080.866294, 4325 Caper Court, Titusville, FL 32796

* Recorded 2014, Updated Dec. 2017.
** General Area

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