Sunday, February 2, 2014

What's really bugging me...

What is really bothering me about this whole event is:

  • At work we have to follow policy and procedure on everything, and there is one on handling blood-borne pathogens.  I've never seen or heard of one on airborne contaminants.  Since prison is one of the most common locations for TB exposure, why not?
  • We check and report multiple times per shift on mechanical rooms and tool inventories.  Who is accountable for making sure the negative rooms are functioning properly?
  • As soon as I was found to be a positive carrier for TB, they gave me a mask and told me to go get a chest x-ray.  Why didn't they have concern for my family or others who I was in contact with?
  • When did the negative pressure rooms actually fail?  How long were workers and staff exposed?
  • The night they sent me home, they provided face masks to all the staff for protection.  Why not the inmate workers in the Palliative Care Unit?
  • Is the Department of Corrections prepared for this disease I now have, I have for life?  My Maximum Medical Improvement date is now Nov. 1, 2014.  Is that a realistic date, or will these latent granulomas be part of me forever?

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