Monday, February 3, 2014

What good will come of all this?

Today has been a very depressing day for me. I won't say how much, but I was really down this afternoon. I guess force of habit causes me to try to find a silver lining to this cloud of what could be considered gloom.  So I ask myself, what good might come from all of this? Does God have plans for a higher good to come of this?
  • I now have a knowledge of the disease I didn't have before.
  • Perhaps DOC might actually train their staff and/or write policy dealing with airborne pathogens, treating them with the same precautions as liquid contaminants.
  • Perhaps I'll have an opportunity to be a trainer for DOC in this area.
  • Perhaps I'll get some sort of pay raise or financial compensation because of it all, as this will affect the rest of my life and career.
  • Perhaps this could open up a new ministry for me.
  • Perhaps somewhere in the world someone could use this new insight I've gained, and I can be of some good elsewhere.
Am I being overly dramatic?

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