Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 7

January 31, 2014
07:55-Sandy, Amber, Gavin and Aydin (wife, daughter, grandsons) arrived at the Brevard County Health Department for PPD testing. Paid $15.00. They told her they could not give free testing.

10:00- Woke up, took my meds.

11:00- Ate breakfast

12:31- Arrived at Chiron Urgent Care Center to have them correct my DCW-25 form for Workman’s Comp. Dr. Welch gave me new one to include 1) transferring care and service to my Primary Care Physician and to add “(needed for) routine evaluation and management of medication – compliant treating his exposure”. He also moved my anticipated MMI date to 11/01/2014.

13:07- Visited Nurse Rimes, R.N. at the Brevard County Health Department to see why they didn’t give my family free shots like they said they would.1/30/14.

13:20- Visited Royal Oak Medical Center to give Dr. VanEaton a copy of my new Workman’s Comp paper work from Dr. Welsh. Gave paperwork directly to Jo Smith.

13:47- Received a call from Nurse Maura Serrie, R.N., T. B. County Program Manager, from the Brevard County Health Department, Rockledge office. She said my family would not be authorized free of charge PPD testing, because only those who have been exposed to an active TB carrier could receive the testing. My family was exposed to me, a secondary exposure patient, therefore, not eligible. She said Nurse Debbie Rimes in Titusville was not authorized to give my family free testing. Her telephone number is 321-634-3550.

Location/Provider: AmeriSys, Chiron, Royal Oak
Duration: 3 hours
Mileage:  14.8 miles

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