Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 6

January 30, 2014

13:15- Met with Debbie Rimes, R.N. Brevard County Health Department, Titusville Clinic, 611 Singleton Avenue, Titusville, FL 32796, Phone: (321) 383-2795, Fax: (321) 269-6368. I told Nurse Rimes my work situation. I asked her some of my questions. She told me all of my family members should be PPD tested, and they would do it at no charge. She also strongly recommended I consult with my family physician. My family members should come in on Monday or a Friday, then two days later for a test reading. The meeting concluded approximately 13:35.

14:30- Met with my Primary Care Physician, Dr. Leonard VanEaton, at Royal Oak Medical Center, Titusville, FL regarding my situation. He answered some of my questions and told me that:

  • The TB medication I am taking, Isoniazid, is very hard on the liver and initial liver enzyme tests should be taken prior to taking.
  • Additionally liver enzyme tests and monthly evaluations are needed until the treatment is complete.
  • He pointed out on my Workman’s Comp form DCW25, my MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement) date is currently Feb. 4, 2014 and that is not correct. My MMI is not achieved until after all of the treatment is completed.
  • As a Workman’s Comp (AmerySys) physician, he would be willing to take my case.
  • He ordered laboratory blood work and told me to return upon completion.

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