Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 5

January 29, 2014

13:00- Received AmerySys paperwork in the mail today to return signed to my employer ASAP. My first and last name was misspelled on the forms.

14:03-Called work and spoke with Lt. Tate. Told her I would not be at work or until 2/4. Said I would call Lt. Henry tonight and give him an update on my situation.

14:11-Arrived at Urgent Care Center as directed, they had given me paperwork with missing dates. The completed the forms and returned them to me.

14:31-My case manager Bernice called. Corrected my name in the system over the phone. She said she would be sending me new forms. She also said I would be given a permanent case manager, and she was only temporary. The company handling my prescriptions is Progressive Medical, State of Florida, Tel: 877-835-5879.

14:47- Called Progressive Medical, State of Florida, Tel: 877-835-5879, about my case. I worked with the operator (Name Emanuel) to find me in the system, and have him correct the spelling of my name.

15:20- Picked up my prescription of Isoniazid, and vitamin B-6. Began Isoniazid treatment, took the first pills within 15 minutes.

20:16- Sent Lt. Henry an email with the attached form DC2-588 and DCW25, as per instructed. I copied my work email and Gmail accounts. The PDF files successfully opened on my emails. Printed a copy, filed it.

20:30- Phoned Lt. Henry to touch base and notify him of the email I sent. We confirmed that I would be back to work on Feb. 4, at 7:00pm as scheduled.

20:45-Questions that I have for the doctor:

  • Q. Since I was exposed to TB, tested positive and was required to wear a mask, do my family and friends that came in contact with me need to be tested too? 
  • Q. Can a chest x-ray really see if I have active TB in my lungs? 
  • Q. Am I safe to be around other now with a mask? 
  • Q. Is there a more accurate test for me than a chest x-ray. 
  • Q. If I have Latent TB, what is the actual level of infection in my body? 
  • Q. At work, how long was the air filtration system not working in the Isolation Rooms before it was discovered? 
  • Q. At work, what are the safety check and emergency protocols for the system and personnel. 
  • Q. Is 5 days on the medication, Isoniazid adequate to make me safe around others? 
  • Q. May I switch to a new physician under Workman’s Comp

    Location/Provider: AmeriSys, Chiron, CVS, Progressive
    Duration: 6 hours
    Mileage:  8.6 miles

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