Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 3

January 27, 2014, Monday

12:10- Nurse P. gave me a green face mask to wear, and told me I needed x-rays.

12:25- Sergeant W from the Control Room called me at the nurses station and notified me that the Warden  has been notified of this event, and I would soon be relieved from duty and would be going home. At that point I prepared to leave, making sure the building and inmates were secure. I also made a copy of Post Orders, Procedure 403.004 “Emergency Treatment of Staff and Visitors”, 3/23/2013. I also made a copy of the Bed Book Roster to have the names with me of which inmates were in special isolation rooms.Inmates assigned as Palliative Care Orderlies for the shift include:

12:46- Officer N enters Medical Housing, obtains a stack of 5 or 6 masks and takes them out into the main compound.

01:15- Told to leave duty station and report to Lt. J. Henry, OIC

01:30- Reviewed Workman's Comp paperwork with Lt. Henry

01:45- With Lt. H. in his office with Ofc. Abrue, he calls Workman's Comp. (AmeriSys), to get case number and further instructions. My claim number is 1390005184.

02:00- Sent home from work. Told to wait for a call from AmeriSys.

11:39- From home called AmeriSys, 1-800-455-2079. They told me a nurse would call me back.

11:39-Called AmeriSys for instructions, they said a nurse would call me back.

11:57- Nurse Bernice from AmeriSys called me and told me to report to Urgent Care lab for testing. She took a brief health survey of me over the phone. If I need to talk to her, or report progress, call her directly at 407-215-1522. She said she would mail me report forms.

13:39- Spoke with Ms. Kearney, advised to send Lt. Henry email updates, confirming instructions not to submit an Incident Report.

13:40- Arrived at Chiron Urgent Care Center. Wore mask. Filled out standard office information background history forms. Received chest x-ray. Saw Dr. Richard Krubel, M.D., asked about my cough. Said we needed radiology evaluation.

15:36-Left clinic, was told that I'd be contacted to review the results of the x-ray. Nurse Brian heard my concerns about exposing family, and suggested I wear a mask, but not to alarm other members until test results are in. Dr. prescribed face masks (see photo). Travel to claim, Home-Chiron-Pharmacy-Home. Trip completed at: 6:00 pm, total distance traveled 8.6 miles.n, worked hours 4.15 (1:40pm -6:00pm).

16:25- Arrived at CVS to pick up face masks, Workman's Comp declined payment. Will try again later.

17:07-Bernice at Workman’s Comp is trying to help CVS pay for masks.

20:12- Sent an email to Lt. Henry informing him of the situation up until now. Copied my work and personal Gmail account.

Location/Provider: AmeriSys, Chiron, CVS
Duration: 6 hours
Mileage:  8.6 miles

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