Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 2

January 26, 2014, Sunday

18:45- Reported to work, sent to Outside Post duty 7-11 pm.

23:10- Relieved from Post duty, told to report to Medical as Housing Officer.

23:15 Reported to duty station as Medical Officer, present were Nurses P. and C. and Officer N. . Signed in on the Medical Housing Log, completed a walk through security check, verifying locked doors, empty offices and an informal inmate count. Immediately after my security check, Nurse B. wanted to see my arm where the test site was. She examined it by touch and site and indicated she thought it was positive. Immediately she called Nurse M. Carlson over for a second opinion. He wasn't quite so sure, but said it might be. Nurse Paul then said, “Let’s wait until Nurse K. comes in, because he’s much more experienced at evaluating this.” Nurse Carlson concurred. One of the nurses also mentioned that when Nurse K. comes in, he also needs to examine Officer A., whose test also appeared positive. At that point I asked Nurse P. if Lt. H. has been notified, and she said yes.

23:30- Nurse K. came in and Nurses C. and P. called Nurse K. over to examine my TB test site. He did, and said it appeared positive, then K. asked me to follow him into the lab where it brought out a clear vinyl measuring device, placed it on my arm and measured the exact size of the reaction on my arm. He said, “that is definitely a positive reaction.

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