Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 1

January 24, 2014

18:30- Arrived at work

18:45- During pre-work meeting we were notified that the isolation rooms were malfunctioning, and were not ventilating properly. We would all need to be tested for Tuberculosis exposure that night, and Lt. H. gave us forms to take to medical on that shift.  The Medical Facility also know as Medical, The Palliative Care Unit, or B-Dormitory is staffed by one or two, sometimes three Registered Nurses from Corizon Health and one Correctional or Housing Officer.

18:55- Departed for Outside Post duty. Shift 7-11 pm.

23:00- Relieved from Outside Post duty, was told to report to Medical as Housing Officer.

23:10- Reported to Medical, received equipment, did a security check. Reported to Nurse for TB injection test. It was either Nurse P. or B.

23:15- Noticed a new sign was placed on alarm station for Isolation rooms, that the rooms should be tissue tested every 8 hours for negative pressure.

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