Tuesday, April 30, 2013

FL Hunter Safety Card Now Easier To Get

We had the best Hunter Safety class this past weekend in Titusville.  16 students enrolled with a good mix of gender, age and experience.  Unfortunatly, 16 students isn't very many when it comes to cranking heads through the class to be certified for the fall hunt.  I'd rather have 35 students regularly, verses 16 now and 70 later.

FWC has come up with a good solution for those who already have firearms training, to skip some of the steps and take advantage of training they've received earlier in life, or as part of their career. Photo Credit Pheasants Forever

For experienced, trained shooters such as but not limited to military and law enforcement  who may need Hunter Safety Education, I was recently reminded of this opportunity which would exempt certain students from taking a weekend class for their Hunter Safety card.

Those with previous firearm training experience can complete the hunter safety course by taking the online course, reading the current year hunting regulations and following the procedures outlined in the skills day exemption application. (from MyFWC.com)

Here's what you need...

Notice Link: http://myfwc.com/hunting/safety-education/courses/
Free Online Course Link: http://beasafehunter.org/
Regulations Link: http://myfwc.com/hunting/regulations
Exemption Application Link: http://myfwc.com/media/2471321/Skills-Day-Exemption.pdf

Be sure to let your friends know about this!

Mr. Gus

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