Sunday, March 31, 2013

Springtime is for renewal and rebirth.

With springtime being a season of renewal, I see it is fitting that I make this announcement today on this Easter Sunday.  The news is that my two blog sites will no longer stay completely seperate, but unite in theme to support the other.  Up until now they have been seperate in voice and audience; one not mentioning the other.

Since 2008 I have considered my stories, tales and thoughts worthy of being published through either of my blog sites Mr. Gus Outdoors or Voice of Truth Ministry.  Mr. Gus originated while I was a 4-H Extension Agent for the University of Florida where I felt a blog would be the best way to share how-to's of outdoor education with colleagues and families.  Voice of Truth Ministry came about in my personal life originally as a journal when I decided I had learned enough life lessons - some the hard way, and I want to share the devine strength and hope I received with others. 
The lessons I learned through my activities in the woods and wilderness, and in life general have been a blessing from God, so why not share it?  Perhaps an outcome of the projects will bring someone else enjoyment or spare them some hardship.  In doing so, I've been blessed and hope others have too.  I've been able to hone my writing skills, leave a partial record of my beliefs and priorites for my friends and family, and meet some very nice people.  So far I have a combined readership of over 15, 000 page views, and for that I am grateful.

As always, I don't consider this to be exclusively my site.  I always welcome others who have a story to tell that is in alignment with either of my blog sites.  By in alignment I mean thoughts and ideas that promote healthy living, the love of outdoors, the importance of families, teaching children or mutual respect of others.

May God bless you all this Easter season as we celebrate the passing of winter, the flight and scurry of young critters, and especially the resurrection of our Savior.  Thank you for your support and readership.

- gus

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