Thursday, March 28, 2013

So what is the "truth" Voice of Truth Ministry is proclaiming?

This has been bugging me for days.  How do I dare have a website that has the word "truth" in the title, implying that what I am saying is the truth, when I am so disapprovingly adamant about dogmatic know-it-alls who think their truth is better (more true) than another?  The whole My Jesus is better than your Jesus attitude.  What makes me and my site different, and I like being different, is that with the exception of my faith in Christ, the principles I support and write about I consider to be universal in nature, and relativly void of any offensiveness to the common person of nearly every faith.  Am I trying to be politically correct?  No.  I just realize some people aren't Christian believers, and I respect that.

I started this blog, Voice of Truth Ministry in February 2012 with the first post The reason this ministry got started because I couldn't contain how I felt any more. I had to express at that time the following points, and it holds true today namely:
  • No matter where we are in life, God cares about us and we are part of His plan,  
  • Even though we may be in an uncomfortable situation, perhaps even hopeless, God can be our strength and our salvation if we only reach out to Him in prayer and through His Word,
  • Don't be afraid.  The #1 most stated commandment in the Bible is "Fear Not", mentioned 27 times.  Even when we have to face our demons, God will forgive and be with us if we only ask, and finally,
  • Do the next right thing. Make good, wholesome choices that support love, peace, forgiveness, understanding, healthy living, brotherhood and family.
In knowing and doing these four things we'll be blessed beyond measure.  These are virtually the only religious/spiritual truths I know, so that's what this blog will support and encourage.

My question is, am I writing this for others or for me?  I can see now that's it's for both reasons, because my points aren't intuitive to the average Joe or Jill, and they sure haven't been to me.  Most of us aren't raised knowing God loves us and actually cares about our situations.  Sometimes we're told, but that's not enough.  This is something we must hear from others who've been there, and learn on our own, in our own time.

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