Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Finding Youself, Finding Balance

More and more often I am having these magical days, such as today where I meet inspiring people and learn inspiring thoughts through sound and imagery.  This is completely because I am learning to let go of fear and preconceived thoughts of how I should act and what I should say and do.  I am learning to follow my heart and emulate others who do the same.

In my transition class today I taught about wellness, and what it takes to be of healthy mind and body.  We spoke of balance and how sometimes our lives get out of kilter, which literally means out of good health or condition1. We spoke of keeping things in perspective and not putting too much time or energy into any one thing, or keeping family, love and other important values higher on the priority list than things that just won't matter in the long term.  As a matter of fact, I was going to write more about this but my ideas took a turn when I met Nelson.

Nelson Guda, who's images I've use here, is a photographer, artist and author from Ohio who travels the globe in pursuit of his art.  As PhD Biologist he could be doing many different things, but if you see some of his work such as the Sensual Rainforest you may see the influence of living systems and how they have impacted his artistry.  I am looking forward to his newest work, The Enemies Project and how he captures conflict and examines the many sides of this issue.

May God bless us all to truly discover the gifts within, our true selves and use them to the benefit of our brothers and sisters.

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