Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wrestling With Obedience

I was raised in a church who's faith was very obedience dependant. Sure, they acknowledged the sacrifice of Jesus and the saving of all mankind by His Atonement - but they also placed obedience to God's Laws as prerequisite to ultimate salvation. By ultimate salvation I mean a Celestial kind of glory, or "better" Heaven than the rest of Christ's followers might possibly attain.
This way of believing, supported by the Bible in their view, goes directly in the face of mainstream Christianity - hence the struggle I've had.
In our daily walk with God as we understand Him, we must realize and know that we can only do our best and if we are making that sincere effort, asking God for help, that's all we can do.  For me (and many) obedience to God's commandments is our way of saying "thank you" to our Creator and opens up special opportunities for us to follow His Spirit and accomplish His will.

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