Wednesday, June 20, 2012

4-H Summer Camp 2012, day 3

7:00 am. Last night the kids were so much better, in spite of doing the old cabin switch-a-roo again with some of them. The County Agents are in charge of the cabin assignments. We do so based primarily on age, but also on group size and personality mix. I think we've got it this time. Sometimes it can take a day or two.

9:30 pm.  What a blast we had today! We were anticipating bad weather, but it only sprinkled.   We had swimming, kayaking, geocaching, archery, fishing, Mr. and Ms. Outrageous, knot tying, line dancing and the most fun was shaving cream wars!  Some of us even had time for a service project!  Below are a couple of pics that show some of the fun.

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