Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who (or what) is your giant?

You must read the Bible story in 1st Samuel 17: 1-51, which is the story of how young David, being of small stature kills the giant Goliath with just a sling and a stone.

My giant that I'm dealing with today is discouragement, and as the giant in the story, it is mocking me.  It is saying I'm not good enough, worthy enough and smart enough to get that better job and mend the relationship issues in my family.

At the same time, the Voice of Truth is telling me a different story (just like the song).  It is telling me to lay my burdens at the foot of the cross and give all my problems, one at a time to Jesus.  In doing so I am giving fear to God as well, knowing that He is looking out for me and my family.  He will heal relationships, broken hearts and bad habits if we do our best, give our problems to Him and trust.  So that's what I'm going to do.

Who or what is your giant? We would love to hear your story.
by Andrew

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