Friday, March 30, 2012

Seeking Bloggers For This Site

I am looking for a few individuals to work with me as a team in this new ministry from the ground floor up. Part of the ministry is writing, contributing to this blog column.

I am an experienced blogger and know how to get peoples attention, but writing a daily and sometimes weekly story can be difficult, besides with several eyes and hearts working on a project the quality can be improved.

Voice of Truth Ministry is about overcoming hardship, and through Christ finding hope, grace and healing on the other end.


  • Be a sinner who has found healing through Jesus Christ. Your hardship(s) may include, but are not limited to substance abuse, overeating, immorality, victim issues, etc.
  • Be willing to share your story with others. Your anonymity will be protected.
  • Have some writing ability, and be willing to have others look at your work and make constructive comments. (a challenge for me!)
  • Be willing to write stories/columns, from 100 to 400 words with a single point in mind, Biblical reference, ending in a message of hope.
  • Be willing to get together as a team in person if possible, is not a requirement but would be nice.

Email me if interested, then we can talk about it on the phone. I'd like to see a sample of your work if you are truly sincere about helping.
by Andrew

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Andrew said...

I am running this ad on Craig's List in Brevard County, FL and Wayne County, MI.

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