Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sea Turtle Nesting Has Begun In Florida

This is a natural follow-up to my Florida's Best Beaches article I posted yesterday! 

According to the research scientists and biologists and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), Sea Turtle nesting has begun.

One of the most memorable times in my life was when I was on an official Sea Turtle Walk with a trained biologist from the Sea Turtle Preservation Society, in Melbourne, FL.  It was late in the nesting season as I recall (mid-July) and right in the middle of watching a Mama Loggerhead lay her eggs, a nest started hatching just six feet away, and all these little turtles were scrambling around us!

FWC says, Florida’s sea turtle nesting season started this month and continues through October.  FWC is asking beachgoers to be careful and watch out for sea turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs. Leatherback turtle nests already have been documented this year on beaches in Indian River, St. Lucie and Martin counties.

Please respect Florida’s sea turtles by leaving them alone and staying at a distance when you spot them moving across the sand or laying eggs,” said Robbin Trindell, who is responsible for sea turtle management at the FWC. “Sea turtles are resilient species, having been on earth for millions of years, but the turtles and their eggs and hatchlings are especially vulnerable whenever they appear on our beaches.  For the full article click here.

I hope you all will look around for similar awesome natural events like this in your area and make some memories for a lifetime.  When you go, please take a kid!

Photo credit - Thomas Dunkerton  and The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

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