Thursday, January 19, 2012

Keep your family safe by locking your guns.

Most people I know who have a gun in their home do so for the primary reason to keep their families safe.  It is unfortunate that sometimes the home becomes less safe because of that firearm.  What I mean is, that the home owner has the sense of security that they can protect themselves from an intruder, which may or may not happen.  On the other hand, that same home owner puts their family at risk by storing the gun in an unsafe manner that may be accessible to kids.

Moms and Dads, lock your guns and keep the ammunition locked separate.  For those of you who want to have the security against an intruder, ask yourself, "Am I really ready to shoot and kill another human being?".  After seriously considering all of this I concluded that most people would probably be better off by installing or upgrading a security system, leaving outdoor lighting on, buying a dog that will alert you to prowlers or all three.

Securing your firearm is not just a safe thing to do.  It's the law.  If you do not know how to lock your firearm, call any law enforcement officer or agency, gun shop or visit the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Project ChildSafe website.

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