Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just an air rifle?

How many kids and families do you know that got an air rifle for Christmas or have one in the house??

Those of us who teach firearms safety stress some version of the National Rifle Association, 3 Always of Guns Safety, namely 1) keep your gun pointed in a safe direction, 2) keep your gun unloaded until your ready to shoot, and 3) keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target. In order for a firearms accident to occur, all three of these rules have to be broken, at the same time!

A tragic story was reported in England today:

Boy, 10, Killed With His Father's Air Gun While Playing Cowboys and Indians with His Friends
Thursday, Jan 05 2012, Swansea, England, UK

A BOY of ten was shot dead in a game of cowboys and indians as he and a friend played with his father's airgun. Rhys Johnson was fatally wounded when the weapon went off, blasting pellets into his chest. Full story.

Photo: Rhys Johnson is pictured here with his older sister Ashleigh. By

Parents please keep in mind that although BB guns and Air Rifles are less powerful than their high-power counterparts, they are still not toys and can cause serious property damage and personal harm, as shown in this story.  Air rifles can be a great tool to teach young people safe handling of firearms and marksmanship with a gun that is void of recoil and designed to fit kids 6 and up, BUT they are guns.  Make sure they are treated with the same respect as any other firearm.

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