Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fishing Knots...Part 4 of 6, The Nail Knot

Step 1. Place a nail between the fly line and leader. Wrap the leader back towards the end of your fly line about 6 times.

Nail Knot (Leader to Fly Line)

The Nail knot is one of the most important knots that every fly fisherman should learn. There are a few variations in the way this knot is tied. The angler can use a tube or a needle in replacement of the nail. With a little practice, this knot can be tied very quickly. Most common area for use is attaching the leader to the fly line. It can also be used to attach the fly line to the backing.

Step 2. Pass the end of your leader back through the loops you just made. After the leader is through, pull on both ends of the fly line and leader trying not to have the loops cross each other. Holding with fingers, remove nail.

Step 3. Moisten and snug down by pulling both ends away from each other. Clip excess line and leader close to the formed knot.