Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fishing Knots...Part 3 of 6, The Albright Knot

The Albright knot is used in situations where you need to join two lines of greatly unequal diameter or of different material. Mostly used in saltwater situations, I prefer this knot for joining of fly line to backing material.

Step 1. Loop the heavier line (wider diameter) and place it between your thumb and index finger of your left hand. Pass the lighter line through the formed loop leaving yourself about 8 inches. Pinch the lighter line in with the line already in your left hand.
Step 2. Make approximately 10 wraps with the lighter line wrapping away from you and working from left to right. With each wrap, work your thumb and index finger along holding these wraps in place, trying not to let up any pressure on your left hand. On the 10th wrap, come around and then through the remaining loop. Taking the standing line in your right hand, and pull gently as you push the wraps with your left hand towards the closed loop.  Alternate between the end of the lighter line, and on the standing part until the wraps are against the tag end. Make sure the wraps do not go over each other and that you don't push them to far. Pull the tag tight then pull on the standing part of both lines until the knot is secure.
Step 3. Finally, clip the two short pieces close to the knot.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Springtime Is A Perfect Time to Scope Out Summer Activities in 4-H

The 4-H Extension Agents in Brevard County, which include Vanessa Spero-Swingle and Gus Koerner are planning a bunch of fun learning opportunities for kids this summer! Some of the activities are open primarily to those enrolled in 4-H, but there are also a bunch open to anyone in the community. One of the 4-H mottos is Learn By Doing, and we are firm believers, that kids and young adults, learn the most and have the greatest amount of enjoyment by jumping in and getting their hands dirty! (Photo caption: Planting today for something beautiful tomorrow at the Budding Gardener’s Camp 2009)

The best place to learn about these camps is on the County Extension web page. Another great place is the semiannual Extension insert in the Florida Today, which is published in March – watch for it! Did you know we’re also on Facebook?? Search for Brevard County 4-H!

Some of the fun activities include: in April – The Brevard County Fair in Melbourne, in May – Youth Fly Fishing Clinic in Cocoa, in June – Outdoor Adventure Camp and Budding Gardner’s Camp in Palm Bay, 4-H Legislature in Tallahassee in July – 4-H Congress in Gainesville, 4-H Shooting Sports Camp in Lake Placid, and in August – 4-H Summer Camp at Ocala in Altoona.

From customer feedback we know the kids and volunteers leaders have fun at these events, and learn so much! Another common comment from the parents and kids who attend these activities is that they are some of the most reasonably priced in all of central Florida. So check some of them out, and come join us in the fun! For more information with dates and times, please call Ms. Vanessa or Mr. Gus Koerner at 321-633-1702.