Saturday, December 11, 2010

Share The Sport

Mr. Gus teaching Josh how to tie an Improved Clinch Knot.
This is a topic that I write and speak frequently about, sharing the sports and crafts we love with the younger generation.  Be it fishing, shooting, sewing or what ever, many of these skills are being lost as the years go on.  My daughter is a kindergarten teacher and she did an classroom poll of how many of them knew how to tie their shoes.  I think the number was about 5 out of 25 or 20 percent of the students.  Looking down at their feet, you could see a host of slip on or hook and loop type fasteners.

A rewarding moment came to me today during our first fly fishing clinic.  We had already learned the fundamentals of fly casting and tying a fly, and now it was time to attach the fly to the leader and get some fish!  Near the lake front I was helping Josh get things going, and asked him if he knew how to tie a knot, and he said no.  "What about your shoes?", I asked.  Another no.  At the time, he was wearing Velcro (Registered Trademark) fasteners, and he said he didn't have any other kind of shoes, nor had he ever.  Well he successfully learned how to tie his fly to the leader and was able to go wet his hook.  He went away with a little more knowledge, and I left with a great sense of satisfaction knowing I had taught a kid to tie his first knot - of many more I hope!

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