Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Teachable Moments

A "teachable moment" is THE teaching opportunity, right at the instant it needs to be delivered. This teaching tool is applicable for any subject matter, students of any age. For example, on the archery range regarding finger guards - you can talk about them prior to shooting, "how important they are, blah blah blah", but why take away valuable shooting time with lecture. If the child shoots without finger guards, no harm will come other than potentially sore fingers. With no glove or finger tab you'll be able to see if the string is properly positioned, then after 10 shots or so, ask how the child's fingers are. If the shooter says they're kind of sore, then introduce him to the glove. They'll get it and never forget. The trademark of every effective educator is to devise and use teachable moments.

These teachable moments can't be done with most mandatory safety rules. There has to be some basic knowledge imparted so as to maintain order and range safety, but the more mundane - although very important topics can be taught one at a time, as the situation arises.

Final note. This is not a unique thought, but one of the many valuable tools imparted to all instructors in the 4-H shooting sports program.

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Anonymous said...

We had a great teachable moment at the range today. While teaching .22 rifle to a bunch of scouts, one of the leaders pulled out his rifle and started shooting, getting stuck cases after each shot. Come to find out, he was shooting .22 longs out of a .17 HMR, and the pressure build up was causing the case to burst inside the chamber! Its amazing no one was hurt and the gun was able to force down the .22 to .17 and push it out. We had a good lesson after that happened and I think we'll all remember.

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