Friday, December 11, 2009

Spotlight: The Snook Foundation

I had an email exchange this morning with a great guy, Rick Roberts, who is the Executive Director of the Snook Foundation.  He is also a die-hard angler and an optimist, whose life theme has been conservation.

When I asked Rick why his organization is so important, he told me, While the foundation’s name is Snook we are truly universal in our desire to protect all game and forage fish...We are  the inshore angler alliance. Our primary objective is to protect and retain the remaining nursery and juvenile fish habitat. We have lost 50% of what existed here in Florida  in the past fifty years...that has to stop.  William R. Mote, who founded the organization in 1998 and relates his vision, For countless ages, man has taken from the sea. Now it is time for us to give back to this precious source of all our planet's life.

We need this organization and those like it.  Please visit their website to learn what they’re doing to preserve this great species, how to catch them, and read stories from anglers and all about Snook in the news.

About the Snook: The Common Snook, Centropomus undecimalis, Adorned with a distinct lateral line; high, divided dorsal fin; sloping forehead; large mouth, protruding lower jaw, there is nothing "common" about her.  Found from central Florida and off Galveston, Texas south to Rio DeJaniero, Brazil. Snook cannot tolerate water temperatures below 60 degrees F for long. Usually they prefer inshore in coastal and brackish or fresh waters, along mangrove shorelines, seawalls, and bridges; also on reefs and pilings near shore.  Photo Credits: The Snook Foundation

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