Friday, December 4, 2009

Spotlight: HAVA, Honoring our Vets.

A few weeks ago late at night, watching the Outdoor Channel, one of the shows featured HAVA, Honored American Veterans Afield. As a shooting sports educator I was interested, as the son and brother of veterans I was pleased, but as the Father of an active US Marine I was riveted and moved at this organization’s service. Photo Credit: HAVA

HAVA is an incredible organization to raise awareness and assist disabled veterans with the healing process through active participation in the outdoor sports. - As the number of injured men and women returning from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan grew, members of the firearms industry initiated a non-profit partnership called HAVA to aid disabled soldiers as they transition to their lives back in the United States. The ultimate goal is to increase their confidence and hope for the future by reconnecting with their love of the outdoors and the American traditions of hunting and firearms. Each HAVA veteran is a national hero that has earned our respect and support through valorous service in defense of our way of life.

HAVA has also been featured in on TV in shows such as Shooting Gallery, American Rifleman, Shooting USA, and the Glenn Beck Show. It has also been featured in print, in some the NRA publications.  Please get to know HAVA and offer any support you can possible give. Our disabled service men and women deserve this. Thank you HAVA!

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