Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Night Rider’s Lament

Last night about 11 o'clock I went outside, like me and the dog often do - and immediately I was struck in the eyes by our magnificent Florida moon, bright as could be and immediately a song fell off my tongue. The words came from seemingly nowhere, from the depths of my brain. As I was singing, my recollections went back to my growing up in the Lone Star State and all of the old friends I have back there, the lonesome cowboy of long ago and some of my old boyhood nights spent under the stars. Read the lyrics. I’m sure some of you will be able to relate. The song is Night Rider’s Lament, by Jerry Jeff Walker & The Lost Gonzo Band, 1975. Is goes like this:

One night while I was out a ridin'

The grave yard shift, midnight 'til dawn

The moon was bright as a readin' light

For a letter from an old friend back home


And he asked me

Why do you ride for your money

Tell me why do you rope for short pay

You ain't a'gettin' nowhere

And you're losin' your share

Boy, you must have gone crazy out there

Ah but they've never seen the Northern Lights

They've never seen a hawk on the wing

They've never spent spring on the Great Divide

And they've never heard ole' camp cookie sing

This song was written by Michael Burton, is immediately ready to purchase from iTunes or others for about a dollar. Other singers such as Garth Brooks have done this song, but none sound as good to me as Jerry Jeff (no offense Garth). If you have experienced this song, especially the last four lines, share this experience with someone, especially your spouse or little ones to relearn the magic of moonlight.

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