Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is the my first posting...

I call myself a “regular Joe” because I think I am fairly typical of a lot of guys out there.

I’m the grandson of immigrants along with my five siblings, the child of parents growing up in suburbia, a parent of four great kids and the grandpa of four youngins’. I work hard for a living, knowing that while I’m at work I think about home and while at home I think about work. It seems I always need to be somewhere else. My Dad and brother served in the military. Of my children, one of my sons is a student and one is a US Marine. Of my daughters, one is a teacher and one is a student. My Step-daughters are jewels and one of my many many blessings.

Professionally I am an former NASA program manager, and a current government employee working with kids in youth development, teaching all of the shooting sports disciplines. In the program I developed, my volunteers and I teach approximately 1000 kids per year of every imaginable background. I owe my successes to the gifts I’ve received in building partnerships, relating with people (especially youth), a love of the outdoors, great mentors, and an understanding and loving wife. Even though I do not directly mention God. He is creator of all good things to whom I am grateful beyond words.  Listen to this podcast, Size: 1.5 mb, Time: 1:36.

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