Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sneaky Prophylactic Education

Talk about perking the ears up on the administration! Sneaky Prophylactic Education in short, in this context, is using shooting sports as the hook to grab the child’s attention, so as to be able to impart knowledge, modify behavior, and ultimately touch the life of the youngster to help them grow into a responsible caring adult. My old friend Dr. Ron Howard of Texas A&M explains it well:

I think you've heard several things. When most youth programs go out to work with shooting, what they are doing is sneaky prophylactic education.

I want you to understand what I mean. Prophylactic means preventative. Our objective through 4-H is to educate the kid. It's sneaky because we sell all of the educational package with fun. When it comes to those parents, it's doubly sneaky prophylactic education because they think that they must be there because only the kid is there.

They don't know that we're going to recruit them and put them to work at the same time. They don't know that we're going to teach them the same stuff that the kids are being taught and therefore try to recruit them as well. Being a spectator stinks.
- excerpt taken from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Reaching Out to Existing Youth Organizations, 2005 by Dr. Ron Howard, Jr. Extension 4-H and Youth Development Specialist, Texas Agricultural Extension Service.

Make a difference in the life of a kid by taking them outdoors. They’ll benefit on many levels.

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